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5D4N Suwon+Danyang Trekking Tour

Starting from USD$3,888.00

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On this tour, you can experience the tracking courses in Suwon, Danyang, and Seoul. For five days, Seoul Hanyangdoseong trekking course, Cheonggyecheon trekking course, N Tower Sunseong-gil trekking course, and Danyang River Jando-gil trekking course (selected as one of the top 100 Korean tours) will provide wonderful nature and healing.

  • Suwon Hwasung Fortress trekking (UNESCO Heritage)
  • Suwon Jidong Wall art village
  • Hanyang Fortress Trail (Naksan Course)
  • Manchunha Skywalk
  • Danyang River Jando Trail
  • Danyang Cruise (Dodamsambong Peaks)
  • Gosudonggul Cave
  • Cheonggye Stream Trail
  • N Tower's Sunseong-gil Trail
  • Gyeongbok Palace (Deoksu Palace on Tuesdays)
  • Bukcheon Hanok Village
  • Pick-up & Drop off from Incheon Airport
  • Vehicle of 7-9 seats Van or Mini Bus
  • 4 Nights Accommodation 4*
  • Daily Hotel Breakfast
  • Deluxe dinner x 4 times
  • English / Mandarin Speaking Tour Guide
  • Admission Fee
  • Return Airport Transfer service
  • Guide Tipping (US$ 6 per day per person)
  • International Flight Fare
  • Personal Expense
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  • Single Supplement (for single room guest)
  • 3 Star - US$ 290
  • 4 Star - US$ 345
5D4N Suwon+Danyang Trekking Tour

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Total$ 3,888.00

Operation Time
Pick up at Incheon Airport and Transfer to Suwon

15:00 Suwon hwaseong fortress (UNESCO Heritage)
17:00 Jidong Mural Village
18:00 Enjoy Flying Suwon (Hot air balloon)
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Back to Hotel

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1. Suwon hwaseong fortress (UNESCO Heritage)
Suwon was one of four main regional government centers during the Joseon dynasty. Hwaseong Fortress, built to protect the city, was designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site on December 12, 1997 for its historical value. The fortress offers various performances daily as well as the Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival every fall. The walls stretch for 5,700 kilometers, with Paldalsan Mountain at the center. The fortress, constructed from 1794 to 1796, was built as a display of King Jeongjo’s filial piety towards his father and to build a new pioneer city with its own economic power.

2. Jidong Mural Village
There is a neighborhood named Jidong (pond) because it used to be a pond under the fortress road leading to Changryongmun Gate and Nammun Gate.
Artists, local residents, and volunteers are working together to create the nation's largest mural village from 2011 to 2017.
Wall paintings and culture are being planted in every alley.
If you come down from Changryongmun Gate to the inside of Jidong Village, you can find a good walking path with beautiful alleys.

3. Flying Suwon (Hot air ballon)
Speaking of flying, here is a unique, unforgettable way that you can appreciate the stunning views of the UNESCO World Heritage Suwon Hwaseong Fortress and Suwon City from the air. Launched last week, already 3,000 visitors enjoyed rides with this 32-meter high, 22-meter wide balloon! Visit Suwon and experience the thrill of "Flying Suwon"!

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Operation Time

09:00 Transfer to Danyang
11:30 Mancheonha Skywalk
12:30 Lunch (guest own payment)
14:00 Danyanggang Jando Trail
17:00 Danyang Gugyeong Traditional Market
19:00 Dinner (Western Buffet)
20:00 Back to Hotel

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1.Mancheonha Skywalk
Mancheonha Skywalk is located on a cliff of Nahangang River approximately 80-90 meters above waters. Visitors can enjoy walking on the clouds with the view of the waters below. Panoramic view of Danyang and Sobaeksan Mountain can be seen at the observatory. Thrill-seekers can enjoy the glass bottom walkway as well as nearby attractions including zipline and alpine coaster.

2. Danyanggang Jando Trail
Danyanggang Jando Trail is a 1.2-kilometer-long trekking path along the Namhangang River. With an amazing view of the surrounding area, the trail is a must-walk when visiting Danyang. There are various attractions nearby, including Mancheonha Skywalk and Suyanggae Light Tunnel, offering a tour experience that covers geology and history.

3. Danyang Gugyeong Traditional Market
Garlic, a specialty of Danyang, pushed the Danyang Gugyeong Traditional Market to the 8th position in the recommendation ranking among traditional markets in Korea in 2022. Coupled with a big fluctuation in daily temperature range, alkaline soil of this limestone area allowed the region to grow high-quality garlic. Although it is a little smaller than those grown in the Southern part of Korea, its hard flesh allows for long storage and the high content of alin offers excellent anti-cancer and antibacterial benefit. Danyang Gugyeong Traditional Market is full of exotic foods made with garlic. Garlic chicken sprinkled with fried garlic, black garlic chicken gangjeong (deep-fried crispy chicken dish), garlic dumplings fried in garlic oil, garlic pancakes, garlic sundae, bite-sized garlic balls, and the healthy Danyang noodle. All of them are garlic-based variations developed by local merchants.
If you happen to visit Danyang on the day that ends with 1 or 6, make sure to visit Danyang Fifth-day Market, which is held every five days. Danyang-gun has three of these fifth-day markets that take place in the neighborhoods of Danyang, Yeongchun, and Maepo. Among them, Danyang Fifth-day Market is the largest.

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Operation Time

09:00 Pick up and transfer to deck
10:00 Danyang Cruise (Dodamsambong Peaks)
11:30 Gosudonggul Cave
13:00 Lunch (guest own payment)
14:00 Transfer to Seoul
18:00 Cheonggyecheon Stream light trekking
19:00 Dinner (Korean Table d'hote - Hanjeongsik)
20:00 Back to Hotel

1. Danyang Cruise (Dodamsambong Peaks)
Dodamsambong Peaks refer to the three stone peaks rising out of the Namhangang River. The biggest rock is called Janggunbong (Husband Rock), the rock on the left side which appears to be showing coquetry is called Cheopbong (Mistress Rock), and the rock on the right side which is turning away from the big rock is called Cheobong (Wife Rock). The peaks are said to represent an angry wife turning away from her husband who has taken a concubine in order to secure a male heir. It is said that Jeong Do-jeon, a politician who made contributions to the establishment of the Joseon dynasty, spent his young days here and used 'Sambong' as his pen name. Surrounding the three peaks is a musical fountain which was set up in 1998. The fountain serves as a great place for tourists to relax, especially during the nighttime as the fountain water cascade to the music playing in the background.

2. Gosudonggul Cave
Designated as a natural monument, Gosudonggul Cave is a limestone cave situated in Danyang, well known for its mystery and beauty. The cave is roughly 1,700 meters long and features stalactites, stalagmites, underground lakes, cave pearls, and other cave formations. Gosudonggul Cave is also home to rare formations such as aragonite. Other unique features are the many rocks with interesting names, such as Lion Rock, Dodamsambong Rock, Virgin Mary Rock, and Love Rock. The cave is a valuable resource for researchers and educators.

3. Cheonggyecheon Stream
Cheonggyecheon Stream starts from Cheonggye Plaza, just off Sejong-ro Avenue. Cheonggye Plaza roughly covers an area of 2,500 square meters and is located at the starting point of Cheonggyecheon Stream. The square, created based on the design of traditional Korean bojagi (a colorful wrapping cloth), features the elegant beauty of traditional stonework that is colorful yet refined. The plaza also includes a model of Cheonggyecheon that provides visitors with a bird's-eye view of the restored Cheonggyecheon Stream. At the plaza, there are plaques that provide detailed commentaries on the 22 bridges that span the stream, as well as a number of graceful fountains that add to the ambiance of the area. The area commemorates the Cheonggyecheon Stream Restoration Project, and also symbolizes gathering, harmony, peace, and unity.After the completion of Cheonggye Plaza, the Seoul Metropolitan Government designated the area as a vehicle-free zone on holidays, providing more leisure space for pedestrians. Since then, the waterfront areas of Cheonggyecheon Stream, and the surrounding streets have become popular places for those seeking refreshment and a variety of cultural experiences. A favorite of many is the Candle Fountain, which features the magnificent synchronicity of three different lighting fixtures and a four-meter-high, two-tiered waterfall. Along the two sides of the waterfall are the Palseokdam wishing wells, made of eight different stones from each of the nation's eight provinces.

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Operation Time

09:00 Pick up and transfer to Namsan (N Tower) Trekking
11:00 N Tower Observatory
12:00 Lunch (guest own payment)
13:30 Transfer to Gyeongbok Palace
15:30 Bukcheon Hanok Village (including Gamgodang-gil)
19:00 Dinner (Seafood and Salad Buffet)
20:00 Back to Hotel

hotel : Four Points by Sheraton Hotel or Similar 4*

1. Namsan (N Tower) Trekking
The Namsan Dulle-gil Walking takes 7.5km around Seoul’s Namsan (Sountain). The beauty fall foliage is now at its peak and everything just looks bright and beautiful.

This pathway is a great walk as it is a circular route around the mountain offering great views of the city and N Seoul Tower. Currently, the trees are a rainbow of bright yellows, reds, greens, and oranges. If you have photos of the fall colors where ever you are, upload them to the comments section and show us!

Namsan Mountain from Seoul Station and Hoehyeon-dong, a 640-meter-long road from Sowol City Rest Area to the North Circulation Road Rest Area
When you enter the park, you pass Baekbeom Square and merge with this road. Namsan Library, Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall, Seoul
You can tour historical and cultural resources such as the City Education Research Information Service, Hohyeondang, and Samsuni Stairway together. Seoul Hanyangdo Island
It is in contact with the fortress road and is good to climb Namsan Mountain using the central stairway, and it takes about 30 minutes to get to Namsan Seoul Tower.

2. Namsan Seoul Tower
Namsan Seoul Tower was the first multipurpose tower to be established in Korea, effectively incorporating a sightseeing observatory to a broadcasting tower. For the past 40 years, Namsan Seoul Tower has served as an iconic landmark of Korea and a representative tourist attraction. The tower's observatory offers an unobstructed view of the whole city, allowing it to become one of the all-time favorite attractions of Seoul citizens as well as domestic and international tourists. Another highlight of the tower is the Namsan Cable Car. The cable car began its operation in 1962, transferring passengers from the foot of the mountain to the base of the tower. Shuttle buses to the Namsan Cable Car from downtown Seoul are also available for visitors' convenience.

3. Gyeongbokgung Palace
Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace is commonly referred to as the Northern Palace because its location is furthest north when compared to the neighboring palaces of Changdeokgung (Eastern Palace) and Gyeonghuigung (Western Palace). Gyeongbokgung Palace is arguably the most beautiful, and remains the largest of all five palaces. The premises were once destroyed by fire during the Imjin War (1592-1598). However, all of the palace buildings were later restored under the leadership of Heungseondaewongun during the reign of King Gojong (1852-1919). Remarkably, the most representative edifices of the Joseon dynasty, Gyeonghoeru Pavilion and the pond around Hyangwonjeong Pavilion have remained relatively intact. The raised dias and stone markers of Geunjeongjeon showcase the representative art style of their time.The National Palace Museum of Korea is located outside of Heungnyemun Gate, and the National Folk Museum is located on the eastern side of Hyangwonjeong Pavillion.

4. Bukcheon Hanok Village
Surrounded by Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine, Bukchon Hanok Village is home to hundreds of traditional houses, called hanok, that date back to the Joseon dynasty. The name Bukchon, which literally translates to "northern village," came about as the neighborhood lies north of two significant Seoul landmarks, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Jongno. Today, many of these hanoks operate as cultural centers, guesthouses, restaurants and tea houses, providing visitors with an opportunity to experience, learn and immerse themselves in traditional Korean culture. As Bukchon Hanok Village is an actual neighborhood with people's homes, visitors are advised to be respectful at all times while looking around.

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